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Want to look for a holiday now?

You can start your Holidaypiggybank saving fund first and then arrange your holiday when you have the funds saved in your account. Or if you prefer you can book your holiday first then start saving into your Holidaypiggybank fund to pay off the balance. The choice is yours.

Once you are ready to book just get in touch with us. Dawson & Sanderson will find you the best deal, the biggest saving, the most choice and you can take advantage of the lowest deposits around*. Contact your nearest Dawson & Sanderson branch and we can assist you with expert advice on all your holiday needs.

Click here to locate your nearest Dawson & Sanderson branch.

*terms & conditions apply to low deposits please ask for details

How your holidaypiggybank savings fund works

Holidaypiggybank is a simple way to save towards your holiday. Simply set up a savings fund by registering your details and creating a secure password. Then whenever you want to put money aside simply login and make a contribution to your savings fund. The amount and when you save is up to you. Once you are ready to book your holiday contact Dawson & Sanderson and we will make the travel arrangements for you. We will transfer the money from your fund to pay for these arrangements. Or you could start your savings fund after you make your reservation and clear all or part of your balance payment using your Holidaypiggybank fund. You can continue to save gift funds towards extras such as holiday currency or car hire etc.

How it works...
Build your Holiday Piggy Bank

Its a simple online savings fund giving you flexibility to save as much or as little whenever you want

Share your page for gift ideas

You can even share your page with family and friends if you would like to receive gift payments into your holiday fund

Contribute to your fund

Save online with your debit or credit card whenever you want to put money aside for your holiday