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Well we have the perfect solution to help you save for that perfect holiday with Holiday Piggy Bank by Dawson & Sanderson.
It is simply a holiday saving fund where you can pay into your own account or even give your friends and family your details where they can then login and gift you part of your holiday.


The Registration process is simple and quick with a single form to complete. No hidden charges or fees and safety and security. Complete these few required entries and you are on your way to beginning your holiday fund and the holiday of your dreams


Upload photos, create your own story and customise your page. Create a thank you email and opt to have this sent every time a gift payment is made into your fund if you are sharing your page with others.


Login to your fund at any time using your own password to see the total amount in your fund. Share your page with family & friends if you are saving for a special occasion holiday.


Make payments into your fund whenever you chose by credit or debit card


Watch your fund grow by logging into your account to review your balance


When you are ready to make a booking contact your nearest Dawson & Sanderson branch and let them know you have a holidaypiggybank savings fund. We will transfer the monies in your fund to pay for your chosen holiday. Alternatively use your holidaypiggybank fund to pay off the balance of a holiday already booked with us.