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Free, Safe and Secure is completely free to use. There is no commission, no set up fee and no service charges. We use the latest in online technology to handle payments making it the safest way to receive contributions online. Your information is never shared so you can be secure in the knowledge that our site is free, safe and secure

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How far will your holiday piggy bank fund take you? Only you can determine the answer!

Dawson & Sanderson have created Holidaypiggybank online holiday savings fund to make budgeting for your holiday simple and straightforward. You can choose to start saving before you have even chosen a holiday and get a head start on your holiday funds or, if you prefer, make your reservation with Dawson & Sanderson in the usual way and then start to save to pay off the balance. You can even have friends and family pay into your fund if you are using it for a special occasion holiday for example a birthday, anniversary or graduation trip. It is your fund so your choice how to use this flexible savings scheme the way you want to. Payments are made online using your debit or credit card so there’s no direct debits or credit agreements just save how much and how often you want to. Start to see your money take you further, there is a whole world out there to explore!

Dawson & Sanderson are the North East’s longest established travel agency and have been making holidays more affordable for the last 50 years. We offer online beating discounts in all of our stores and you can choose to spend your money in any of our 20 branches or online. Once travel reservations have been made all monies are fully protected. We are members of both ABTA The Travel Associations (ABTA 24664), the International Air Transportation Association (IATA 91211945).

Any Monetary promotional contribution added to any individual holiday piggy bank account by Dawson and Sanderson, regardless of value can only be redeemed against the specified products with a min value of £250